Hello. Please, explain the
future continuous tense.
Hello. Great, let's start. The future continuous tense shows an action that will be in process at a certain future time. Formed by: will be + Ving
Ex: I (eat) lunch tomorrow at 3 o’clock.
It’s easy! I will be eating
lunch tomorrow at 3 o’clock.
NOTE: A complex sentence in English cannot have two future-tense clauses. The main (independent) clause will take the future tense, whereas future will be expressed through the present tense in the dependent clause, as in “We will construct the new building when we receive new equipment.” Ex: Mary (work) when I (arrive) at the office.
Mary will be working when I
arrive at the office.
What does IDK & TTYL mean?
I don’t know, talk to you later.
Ok, I will ask another teacher.
OMG:) IDK & TTYL means “I don’t know, talk to you later”.
Ahh, yes, I understand now)
Hi, help me. Plz, ASAP. When
I (clean) my apartment, I went to the store.
had cleaned
Thank you, man! Could you,
please, explain?
Sure. This is Past Perfect (shows a past action that was completed in the past BEFORE another past action). Formed by: had + V3 (past participle)
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